PLDD= Percutaneous Laser
Disc Decompression


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PLDD is indicated in cases of herniated discs and protrusion that cause low back pain or low back pain and sciatalgia or sciatica alone, since more than 6 weeks and that do not respond to conservative therapies (pharmacological and physical).

PLDD is not indicated in cases of:
- Herniated discs completely extruded (this means that they have lost continuity with the parent intervertebral disc);
- Herniated calcified discs (better detectable with the CT-Scan rather than with the MRI);
- Herniated discs associated with severe stenosis (means narrowing) of the spinal canal;
- Intervertebral discs in which there are vacuum (means air bubbles) phenomena of medium and significant size;
- Reduced height of the  intervertebral discs  (more than 40%);
- Patients over 80 years of age in whom the inververtebral disks have lost much of their water content;
- Patients with tumors near the disc to be treated;
- Patients with current infections or bleeding diseases;
- Patients with angiomas in the vertebral bodies adjacent to the disc to be treated or with fractures of the same;



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